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How Majestic Is Your Name

We had a spectacular Children's Ministry program the last year that focused on teaching kids about the Names of God from a curriculum titled How Majestic is Your Name.

A few of the names of God that we learned include:

Jehovah Yahweh, I AM

Adonai, Lord Master

Jehovah-Jireh, The LORD Will Provide

Jehovah-Rophe, The LORD Who Heals

Jehovah-Rohi, The LORD My Shepherd

The lessons were focused on WHO God is, and for both the kids and the teachers, we learned about almost 40 names of God. Truly, He is the Almighty, Who is the I AM, and never changes. The total sufficient One.

Above is a photo from our final week of the program that ended in a special performance for the congregations. The kids did so well!

Special thanks to Gloria Tam who worked with dedication and diligence to get our program together for the Children's Ministry. Every child will be impacted forever! We are so thankful to you and all those who supported and served.

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