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Faithful are God's Promises - Music

God has shown us so many promises that He will keep...forever. Let us respond with sharing about the promises from the Bible that we learned and sing about what gifts we can give back to God and about how Jesus loves us. Get ready for June 10.

Remember to memorize and be ready to quote the Bible verse you have chosen.

Practice the following songs:

1) The Wise May Bring Their Learning

2) Jesus Loves Me

Soprano Sung - The Wise May Bring Their Learning

3 verses

Piano Only - The Wise May Bring Their Learning


For Jesus Loves Me, we will try to sing in a 2 - part harmony. Practice your part: soprano or alto. Once you are familiar with your part, sing with the piano only part. After you master that, start to practice with the other part (for instance, if you are a soprano, sing your soprano part while playing the alto sung video, and vice versa) to build up your ability to sing on key and stick with your part in the song.

Soprano Sung - Jesus Loves Me

Alto Sung - Jesus Loves Me

Piano Only - Jesus Loves Me


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